Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farewell PSF

And my time to leave Pisco arrived. (I wanted to head to Cusco shortly after Machu Picchu opened so I could get up there before the tidal wave of other tourists descended upon it).

Everyone has to give a little goodbye speech at their last morning meeting at PSF. My goal was to make my speech as funny as possible, but really one part stood out...

"PSF is like masturbation rehab," I said. This was followed by a few seconds of dead silence, then luckily a huge laugh. I then said: "and I'm one month clean!" Yeah, I said it, and it was true, too!

I think it was the best goodbye speech ever at PSF. I'm just sayin. Unfortunately though, for the rest of my stay there, I was kind of known as the guy who really needed to beat off. I guess I did imply that I was addicted to masturbation. 7 times a day isn't that much though, right guys?

So just as I was really getting to know everyone and getting used to my surroundings, I hopped on a bus out of Pisco. I miss that place, especially the roof crew. Many a night was spent lounging, drinking, smoking, and making music on the roof of the volunteer house. I'm gonna miss it, almost as much as the people I spent it with.

Shot from the roof:

I'll never forget Pisco Sin Fronteras, and hopefully I'll see some of my Pisco friends again during this journey or another!

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