Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PSF continued: Dragonfly

At first, I wasn't going to mention Dragonfly in my blog, but then he tore open his nutsack... and told everyone about it.

Even if his name wasn't Dragonfly, he'd still be a hell of a character. It's worth it to mention that he's probably the most knowledgable volunteer at PSF. He speaks fluent Spanish, and has been working in the community for years.

I think it's also safe to say, though, that he thinks he knows a little bit more than he does. He's also a Give it 110%, balls to the wall (no pun intended) kind of guy.

"Digging this chalk is soul-crushing, spine-shattering labor," he once told us. The guy is a little eccentric to say the least. Did I mention he tore open his nutsack?

I guess I'm kind of obligated to tell the story now. Welp, here goes:

Note: This story is true. The only way it's made up is if Dragonfly made it up...

Dragonfly arrived home late one night (We can only guess what he was doing) to find the door locked. His roomates were asleep inside, and couldn't hear him knocking or throwing rocks at the window.

So, clearly, Dragonfly's only option was to climb the 8-foot brick wall (the top of which was adorned, in true Pisco fashion, with shards of glass). Did he tear open his nutsack on said glass, you ask? Dragonfly would chuckle at such simplicity. After all, what's a nutsack injury without an aerial element?!

So Dragonfly jumped, and he landed on a sharp, up-pointing stick. If you think about it, it was like a one in a million shot. It's almost like D-fly made a half-court, behind the back shot at halftime to win some money, but not really.

Word on the streets of Pisco is that his testicle fell out and he was holding it in his hand, but luckily I wasn't there to corroborate this detail.

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